A little less than a year ago, we moved all our code from Google Code to Github. That was a nerve racking but ultimately beneficial task. Since our move, we had almost 600 pull requests!

不到一年前, 我们迁移Google Code上所有代码到Github。它是一个神经折磨但是最终是个有益任务。 自从我们迁移以来,我们收到了差不多600个pull request!

A few months ago we rewrote our website, with the help of Bitowl and XKlibur from IKIGames (whom you all should follow!). We added some nice features, like allowing you to submit your games to our gallery, among other things.

几个月前我们重写了我们的官网, 有从IKIGames(你都应该follow)的Bitowl和XKlibur的帮助.我们加了一些不错的功能,比如允许你提交你的游戏,其中就有我们的展廊。

Now it’s time to complete the cycle. Today i’m going to migrate our issue tracker to Github, and move the Wiki there as well. Sinistersnare (you can meet him on IRC) went crazy and manually translated our entire Google Code Wiki to a Github Wiki. Not sure yet how to repay him, but we all should be super proud to have such kind souls in our community!

现在是时候完成整套了。今天我将迁移我们的问题跟踪到Github,并且也移动Wiki. Sinistersnare(你能在IRC见到他)疯了并且手动转移我们的整个Google Code Wiki到Github Wiki. 不知道该怎么报答他,但是我们都应该超自豪的在我们的社区有许多心灵鸡汤。

The final step will be to integrate the wiki with the official site, and replace the current documentation page. This will be done in a similar way as it’s already done for the news blog posts. And i will add a comment system via Disqus so folks can leave comments. The Github Wiki will be publicly editable, through the history we can track if someone does something stupid and revert. I hope this will futher help improving the libgdx documentation and make it easier for newcomers to find the info they need.

最后一步将去整合wiki官方网站,替换当前文档页面。她将采用已经完成的新闻博客文章的方式去做。并且我将添加Disqus评论系统以便于开发者能留言。Github Wiki将开放编辑,通过历史记录我们可以跟踪恢复,如果有一些愚蠢的人做的事。我希望这将进一步帮助改进libgdx文档,并能使新人更容易找到他们所需要的信息。

Wish me luck and send a pony to sinistersnare!